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Coaches Radio Show is a place where professional coaches and consultants come together to talk about everything coaching.  Whether its business coaching, executive coaching, management consulting, life coaching and everything in between, this is the place to learn from the best personal development experts on the planet.

Every day we interview these great minds in an effort to deliver quality insights, concepts, strategies and overall wisdom to our listening audience worldwide.  We hope you'll join us to get the best of the best from the best of the best. See you soon.

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Big Pitch Radio

Welcome to Business Radio Networks. I'm Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on ABC's Shark Tank and pioneer of the infomercial business. 

I have started over six-hundred companies and my products have just topped 5 Billion Dollars in total revenue. Over twenty of my companies have achieved at least $100 Million in annual sales each.

I want to do everything within my power to bring the most valuable information, resources, and support to small business owners everywhere. That's why I've partnered with former Tony Robbins consultant and serial entrepreneur, Jason Garey, to launch this radio network.

On Business Radio Networks we are bringing the best business minds on the planet aboard as hosts and guests to lend their wisdom to our listeners: entrepreneurs, CEO's, and business leaders all over the world. Please take time out of your day to listen live to any of our shows or feel free to download any one of our past shows for convenient listening.

There is a reason our networks get nearly 30 million podcast downloads a month. We look forward to having you listen to find out why.

We enjoy being your voice of business reason. Thanks for listening!

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