What Is Adequate Emergency Preparedness for Power Outages

You don’t have to be a full-blown Doomsday Prepper to be concerned about emergency preparedness, especially considering how common power outages have become. With the aging infrastructure of the electrical power grid, widespread power outages are becoming a frequent challenge like never before.

On August 14, 2003, the interconnectedness of the nation’s power grid, which has been an advantage in providing power to millions, showed its Achilles heel as millions were without power in one of the biggest blackouts in history.

Ultimately, some overgrown trees hit some power lines and due to some coordination issues of the power grid, which was at the time under a great strain, the system crashed.

Four days later, people who got their water from a Detroit area water plant were still under a boil order, as the power outage caused problems with water purification.

Hurricane Sandy also made a believer out of millions of Americans, as power wasn’t restored to many until well over a week later. So the need for some measure of emergency preparedness is not the question. The question is how to take adequate measures to be prepared for a power outage.

The two things that seem to come to mind first for people thinking about a power outage is having some flashlights and worrying about the food in their refrigerator spoiling. Let’s address these two issues and also look at how you can cook that food in the refrigerator if your microwave and electric stove are out.

Flashlights are the way that most people think of lighting their homes during a power outage. Candles are okay, but the fire hazard is definitely a consideration, especially if you have small children or pets that could knock them over.

Having flashlights and batteries, along with some table lanterns, is definitely a good first step. Oil lamps are also decorative and a bit safer than totally open-flame candles, but battery-operated lanterns are superior.

With regard to your refrigerator, keeping the frig and freezer full all the time is the best way to give yourself the longest time possible before the food starts to go bad during a power outage. The reason is that every time you open the door to your refrigerator or freezer, the cold air comes out and is replaced by warmer, room temperature air.

If your freezer and fridge are fuller, there is less space occupied by air that will come out when you open the door. So get in the habit of taking heavy plastic juice bottles and fill them with water to take up the empty space inside – you’ll save on electricity and also have a larger thermal mass of cold that will help your food last longer when the power goes out.

Cooking won’t be possible if you have an electric stove, so invest $50 in a portable propane camping stove, or get creative with your barbecue grill outside and you’ll be in business cooking food instead of going hungry.

How Preppers Will Deal With the New Gun Laws

At the hazard of being the notion of as being totally loopy and being an outcast within the prepper community, I would like to encourage all and sundry to appearance at the bright aspect of the proposed new gun laws coming to light.

First off, I need to mention that I am a staunch supporter of the 2d Amendment and do NOT consider that the proposed new gun laws are something but a thinly veiled attempt at disarming law-abiding Americans. However, I do believe inside the prepper philosophy of taking a lemon and making lemonade, so I desired to see how this contemporary ‘problem’ ought to clearly be made into a ‘possibility.’

Increased NRA Membership

In the first month after talks of those new gun legal guidelines hit the press, the membership of the NRA increased with the aid of a quarter of 1,000,000 people. That makes the most powerful lobby within USA. even stronger. Enough said.

Increased Opportunity To Educate Others

If it wasn’t’ for this difficulty of the proposed new gun legal guidelines dominating the news, we would not have such a lot of opportunities to speak about the Second Amendment or even what SHTF is with our buddies and neighbors. This complete debacle is an incredible possibility to discover who else among our acquaintances is a gun owner and even who is an ability prepping partner.

Without this dominating the news, you would convey up these topics ‘out of the blue’ with a purpose to do some “recon” and figure out who you can visit or count on at some point in a crisis. So think of this modern-day state of affairs as an extraordinary intelligence-gathering possibility.

Opportunity to Make Money For More Preps

This may be unstable and controversial, but thinking about how many times inside the beyond the politicians tried to do a gun seize and failed, in case you are moderately confident it will be a repeat, it may be a time to promote off some greater ammo out of your stockpile at a profit.

You should use the money to finance other preps, and when sanity is restored and the shop shelves are full again in 6 months to a year, you could rebuild your ammo elements to anything levels you believe you studied you need.

Regardless of what you or I think, we can’t do much about the furor created over the proposed new gun legal guidelines. However, all preppers and survivalists can look for whatever silver lining we can locate on this mess and use it to our advantage. That is what being organized for something is all approximately.

What Books Every Prepper Should Have In Their SHTF Library

Knowledge and skills are sometimes more important than equipment that you’ve stockpiled in case of a major catastrophe. While you definitely need a short-term food supply at least, you won’t be able to stockpile enough food to last forever, and if we have a “TEOTWAWKI” (The End Of The World As We Know It) scenario, you will need to eventually grow your own food.

The old backpacker’s adage is very true; the more skills you carry in your head, the less equipment you need to carry on your back. So, if you believe, as many “Doomsday Preppers” that we are headed for a total societal collapse, you need to determine what you will do when your supplies run out.

Since you can’t master every skill you’ll need to really be self-sufficient long-term, you need to have some reference material to help get you the knowledge you’ll need. Let’s take a look at a couple of books that should be on your shelf.

1) Home Canning. Even if you already do canning, having a book with recipes, times and pressures are essential.

2) Medical / First Aid. Having a reference book, preferably one with some home remedies, could be a matter of life and death.

3) Water filtration systems. You definitely need a good book that includes all the ins and outs of making water safe to drink, otherwise, you won’t even realize key things like the fact that bleach has a shelf life..

4) Gardening. There is so much more to growing food than merely putting seeds in-ground and watching them grow. There are diseases to worry about and insects and all sorts of things that can make your crop yield horrible.

5) Field Sanitation. Most people don’t appreciate that bad plumbing can kill you, which is why building codes are so important. Whether you are in your home or at some remote bugout location, there is a lot to know about field sanitation. It was even covered in the Old Testament, as God gave sanitation laws to Moses for the people when they were wandering in the desert.

So if you want to be a prepper or a survivalist, don’t just focus on guns and ammo and food to the neglect of these other important areas. They may not be as fun or as glamorous, but they will keep you alive.

Can E-cigs Help You Quit Smoking?

Can E-cigs Help You Quit Smoking?

According to research, it was found that usage of E-cigs is less harmful than smoking a regular cigarette. The reason behind it is that E-cigs don’t burn or contain tobacco, which is a process that generates over 7000 chemicals including at least seventy chemicals that might cause cancer, yet health effects of using E-cigs for long term basis aren’t known.

At present, E-cigs aren’t approved by FDA currently as aids for those who want to help stop smoking. The findings on research have been mixed, yet several studies show that E-cigs can be about as beneficial as NRT or nicotine replacement therapies including lozenges, gums, and patches without counseling. For this reason, more research is required.

Effective and safe ways to help people quit smoking like FDA-approved meds are used with counseling. But, several smokers will not try quitting and won’t use some approved medications. In these cases, experts encourage such individuals to switch from regular cigars to E-cigs completely and do their best to quit tobacco products like E-cigs.

Other smokers prefer using both E-cigs and cigarettes at the same time regularly, whether they’re trying to stop smoking or not. It’s referred to as dual use. Using tobacco cigarettes and E-cigs simultaneously may cause significant harm since smoking any regular cigars is harmful. Thus, people who use both are encouraged to stop smoking regular cigars completely.

Many public health professionals and researchers agree that E-cigs and some vaping devices are less dangerous compared to smoked cigarettes for the reason that they don’t contain tobacco, which is the leading contributor to most negative health effects that are associated with smoking. Once used as completed replacement, instead of adding cigarettes, they’re preferable alternative for the smokers who have not had success with some approaches that are medically proven.

However, are these really good for the smokers who like to quit smoking or cut down? Well, not really. While some studies found that E-cigs may help you minimize smoking, many show that E-cigs use doesn’t reduce cigarette use significantly and some found that people who use E-cigs can succeed at getting rid of their smoking habits. It may be because E-cigs use may perpetuate nicotine addiction. Smoking’s addictive qualities involve not only nicotine but also the environmental cues and behaviors associated with smoking that the usage of E-cigs mimics.

What Must Cigarette Smokers Do When Wanting to Quit or Cut Back Smoking?

With the limited evidence that shows E-cigs are effective for smoking cessation and there’s a growing evidence about their risks, it is always safe to consult your doctor regarding effective and proven cessation techniques.h

FDA has approved different smoking cessation items and determined that they’re effective and safe. Such include prescription medications and OTC nicotine replacement therapy including skin patches, gum, and lozenges. E-cigs haven’t been approved for smoking cessation by FDA.

So, if you think E-cigs can help you stop smoking completely, see to it that you tell your doctor about it. This will also help you determine which E-cigs to use for your needs.