Can E-cigs Help You Quit Smoking?

Can E-cigs Help You Quit Smoking?

According to research, it was found that usage of E-cigs is less harmful than smoking a regular cigarette. The reason behind it is that E-cigs don’t burn or contain tobacco, which is a process that generates over 7000 chemicals including at least seventy chemicals that might cause cancer, yet health effects of using E-cigs for long term basis aren’t known.

At present, E-cigs aren’t approved by FDA currently as aids for those who want to help stop smoking. The findings on research have been mixed, yet several studies show that E-cigs can be about as beneficial as NRT or nicotine replacement therapies including lozenges, gums, and patches without counseling. For this reason, more research is required.

Effective and safe ways to help people quit smoking like FDA-approved meds are used with counseling. But, several smokers will not try quitting and won’t use some approved medications. In these cases, experts encourage such individuals to switch from regular cigars to E-cigs completely and do their best to quit tobacco products like E-cigs.

Other smokers prefer using both E-cigs and cigarettes at the same time regularly, whether they’re trying to stop smoking or not. It’s referred to as dual use. Using tobacco cigarettes and E-cigs simultaneously may cause significant harm since smoking any regular cigars is harmful. Thus, people who use both are encouraged to stop smoking regular cigars completely.

Many public health professionals and researchers agree that E-cigs and some vaping devices are less dangerous compared to smoked cigarettes for the reason that they don’t contain tobacco, which is the leading contributor to most negative health effects that are associated with smoking. Once used as completed replacement, instead of adding cigarettes, they’re preferable alternative for the smokers who have not had success with some approaches that are medically proven.

However, are these really good for the smokers who like to quit smoking or cut down? Well, not really. While some studies found that E-cigs may help you minimize smoking, many show that E-cigs use doesn’t reduce cigarette use significantly and some found that people who use E-cigs can succeed at getting rid of their smoking habits. It may be because E-cigs use may perpetuate nicotine addiction. Smoking’s addictive qualities involve not only nicotine but also the environmental cues and behaviors associated with smoking that the usage of E-cigs mimics.

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With the limited evidence that shows E-cigs are effective for smoking cessation and there’s a growing evidence about their risks, it is always safe to consult your doctor regarding effective and proven cessation techniques.h

FDA has approved different smoking cessation items and determined that they’re effective and safe. Such include prescription medications and OTC nicotine replacement therapy including skin patches, gum, and lozenges. E-cigs haven’t been approved for smoking cessation by FDA.

So, if you think E-cigs can help you stop smoking completely, see to it that you tell your doctor about it. This will also help you determine which E-cigs to use for your needs.