Internet Marketing and SEO are two different things although one is just one tool in the toolbox of the other. But if you are like most people, neither of the two words “internet marketing and SEO” would make sense to you. But don’t you worry, though, because, in this article, we will tell you more about both.

Internet marketing is all about selling stuff online and by selling, we mean all kinds of stuff. And you will find people who sell different services, just as there are those that sell products. You might be wondering how people can sell stuff online. Well, the most obvious are “face to face” selling on Facebook, however, there are other methods including Google Adwords advertising, Youtube video marketing, and yes, SEO.internet marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically all about making a website rank for its most profitable keywords. So, if you take a tapas bar in Miami, Florida, the most profitable keywords that bring in the paying customers would be those along the lines of “tapas bar Miami”. SEO ensures that the tapas owners have websites that are ranking on page one for the keyword we mentioned here. If you want to rank your website and are based in Edmonton Alberta than you can visit SEO Expert in Edmonton to get your free website audit done and getting consultation on how you can rank your website on page 1. You can check out SEO Services Vimeo profile page for their services video.

In order to do Internet Marketing profitably, you have to have a marketing plan that uses a combination of different marketing methods. But if you only have money to fund two, make sure that you make space for SEO.

When you hire someone to do your SEO and your website actually ranks, you will see more people coming to your business than if you were to advertise. This is because visitors coming from Google actually have a higher conversion rating at 25% as against the 10% conversion rating of other marketing methods.

Aside from the high conversion rate, though, when you rank high on Google, you will not have a problem establishing yourself as a legitimate website. This is because most searchers believe that the top ranking websites are trustworthy. In other words, they are not scamming, fly-by-night businesses. This mentality is actually something that baffles a lot of marketers, but this has not stopped them from taking advantage of this fact by doing SEO themselves or hiring other people to do it for them.

With other methods, you have to prove to your target market that you are indeed a legitimate business worthy of their credit cards and recommendations.