Some of the business owner completely understands the importance of the blogs. However, they may not know how to optimize the blogs properly. By optimizing the blog post, it may become search engine friendly easily.

For many bloggers, it may not be possible to take benefit of SEO measures at all. It has been noticed that about 60% of the business owners have a blog site. However, 65% of them may not have updated the website for a year or more. Relevant and fresh content on the site always help to increase rank of the website within the search engine result page or SERP.

Following methods are generally used by the bloggers to optimize their site. In this way, they have managed to find a place inside first page of search engine result. By incorporating SEO tips, your website must be recognized by search engine certainly.

Research well

In case of optimization on-page, you must go through keyword research. It is certainly one of the important parts of SEO. Keywords must be included within the blog in a natural manner always. Useful information on the subject must be offered to attract the user. Different types of tools are available in the market that may help to find and relevant keyword for a blog. Otherwise, the keyword may not come across the mind at all. and Google AdWords are one of the effective keyword search tools. Competition can be spied upon with the use of these tools also. Targeted traffic can be brought in to the site easily with the use of the strategy.

Proper use of keyword throughout the post

Following to detection of relevant keyword according to the topic, it may be necessary to utilize the keyword effectively within the article. Placement of the keyword must be done in a way that it may affect most number of people. Search engine crawler may give more attention to your post as a result also. Content indexing may be possible in better manner. It is better to include a keyword in title, introductory sentence, sub headings and headings, concluding paragraph in addition to the Meta description, title tags and anchor text.

However, keyword must not be stuffed everywhere unnecessarily. Due to presence of too much keyword in a post, it may become hard to read. It may not be liked by the readers at all. Penalization from Google can be noticed at the time. Strategically, the keyword must be placed always. Consult a Houston SEO company professional for the right strategy.

Optimizing Images

In addition to the content, images can be optimized also. Keyword must be mentioned within the file name of image. Brief for the text field of alternate nature and rich description with the keyword must be included also.

Link Reference

While mentioning about another article or a blog post, you can be insert the link also. Through the reference, good example can be set. Later on, similar behavior may be noticed from the linked website also. Quality of the website can be established with the process quite naturally.